Throughout my career as an artist, I have had to purchase hundreds of frames for my pieces and never felt good about the amount of plastic used as well as the overall waste that comes with buying brand new frames.

Because I am already an advocate for buying used clothing for the sake of sustainable shopping, I often came across large sections of vintage frames, often still in great condition. This is when I started to create a stock pile of unique and salvageable frames that I could repurpose by filling them with contemporary pieces. This creates little to no waste at all when comparing this to the amount of material that is often wasted when packaging brand new frames, that might eventually be thrown out. 

Each painting has been carefully paired with a suitable vintage frame creating a collection of contemporary pieces that accompany a vintage tough, but also a collection of artwork that can be bought in good conscious as sustainable to our environment. 


If anything here sparks an interest, but doesn't fit exactly what you're looking for, feel free to contact me on my CUSTOM page and we can create something uniquely yours.